Kayla Witter at View Mgmt by Guille Sanchez for Beauty Rebel #7

The beautiful Kayla Witter at View Mgmt features in Beauty Rebel #7 photographed by Guille Sanchez with styling by Aisling Ryan. Fashion includes BAAL BOMBER, COMMANDO, MAITE BY LOLA CASADEMUNT, FALKE, DEL RIO, AUBERGIN, STEWART WEITZMAN, OLGA MARCIÀ and WOLFORD. The issue is available in print and digital editions as well as the App Store. Use the links below.

Photographer: Guille Sanchez
Stylist: Aisling Ryan
Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Iria Salgado
Model: Kayla Witter at View Mgmt

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Also available on the App Store


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