OMUT / Lena Kholkina: Beauty Rebel #1


As the release of Beauty Rebel #2 is drawing nearer, we take a look back at one of our favourite stories from the first issue, Russian Doll:

Russian brand OMUT is a personal project launched by Moscow-based Anatasia Klimova, and is slowly building a reputation within the womens’ jewellery arena. Klimova takes the trademark Russian industrial edge and adapts it for a contemporary market as manufactured simplicity becomes understated chic. The inclusion of harsh-looking metals hints at the designer’s fondness for raw material: OMUT is every inch a minimalist product.

This jagged appeal is juxtaposed with the embroidery techniques of artist Lisa Smirnova in the NAÏVE collaborative collection, mixing Russian rural traditionalism with subculture modernity. The creative outlook of OMUT somewhat reflects Klimova’s own progression, as her original work mirrors her move from the Russian countryside, to Yaroslavl Art School and finally launching the brand in Moscow. Each piece combines all elements of each landscape, resulting in collections that are endlessly unique. OMUT itself translates as “still waters run deep” – an extremely fitting title. Klimova has escaped the need for fleeting trends, carving out an identity that is Russian to the very core as a national embrace provides the artistic foundation. If Klimova’s early work is anything to go by, then OMUT has quite the future ahead.

Photography & Styling: Lena Kholkina
Fashion: OMUT, Moscow


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