Best Fashion Events Around the World

We’re on the cusp of slipping in to one of the most exciting seasons of the year when it comes to fashion – Autumn/Winter means the return of dark colours, dramatic cuts, capes, black mesh and lace, as well as the chance to buy a brand new winter coat and boots.

Whether you slavishly follow trends or have your own style for the cooler months, checking out what’s around is always good fun – as is watching out for next year’s collections. As the seasons change, it’s the time for the next season’s looks to be debuted on catwalks and runways around the world, so while we’re bundling up against the chill, the fashion industry is already looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2014.

So, to find out what’s going to be hitting the high street for you this autumn, we need to look back to the fashion events that took part in the first half of this year. From London to New York, via Milan, Rome and Paris, the collections we see today were sashayed down the runway at shows months ago.

Here are just a few of the greatest fashion events of this year, and don’t forget that they are held at the same time every year so if you wanted to plan a visit to your favourite fashion city, now would be the time.

Italy is always central to fashion, with designers falling over themselves to showcase their collections at events like Milan’s Women’s Fashion Week leading the way. This was held in Milan from 20 to 26 February this year and was bursting with amazing clothes from ridiculously stylish designers including Versace, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. A couple of weeks before this the Men’s Fashion Week was held.


For a different take on Italian fashion Venice is a great option. During the world famous Carnevale, which takes place during the last week of January and the first week of February every year, you can see people dressed in fabulous finery complete with the famous Carnevale masks everywhere you go. It’s a time of riotous colour, riotous partying and absolutely beautifully dressed people, wherever you look. All with the fabulous background of one of the most beautiful and evocative cities in the world. There are loads of events during the Carnevale itself, including amazing fashion shows and the flight of the angel in St Marco Square. If you’ve never been to Venice before and you have an interest in the beautiful and historical, then Venice at Carnevale is perfect for you. Although not the cheapest city to stay in, getting to and flying back from Venice is pretty easy and cheap. Flights to Venice from Manchester, for example, can be found for extremely reasonable prices online – just book early if you do want to go at this very special time of the year.

Venice Film Festival also traditionally showcases some amazing fashion worn by the actresses on the red carpet. So if you can’t manage Carnevale and you really want to experience one of the most glamorous events in Venice, try going at this time of year. Of course, it will be more expensive but it could be worth it for the ultimate fashionista’s holiday.


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